How to issue a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

To enable the issuance of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) in the virtual asset industry,

LEI issuance fee waiver for CODE alliance members

- CODE alliance members
1. Travel Rule Member
2. Associate Member

- Virtual asset industry participants who applied for LEI issuance through CODE

Application process

1. [Member] Write a letter of intent
2. [CODE] Guide the process
3. [Member] registration with the button 'LEI-K ISSUANCE APPLICATION'
4. [Member] Complete the LEI application
5. [KSD] Review your application and provide feedback
6. [KSD] Process fee waivers
7. [KSD] Issuance of LEI
8. [Member] Confirm LEI issuance
9. [Member] LEI Maintenance and management

• Notification of fee exemption from CODE to KSD until the VASP submits an application for issuance to LEI-K
• 1 business day for LEI issuance after review of application and completion of supporting documents
• After LEI issuance, LEIs are searchable on the GLEIF official website (
* GLEIF : Global LEI Foundation
• After issuance of an LEI, any changes to entity-related information require maintenance (no maintenance fee)

Fee Exemption

- Korea entities : Issuance Fee(110,000 KRW include VAT) exemption
- Global entities : Issuance Fee(USD 97 include VAT) exemption


- CODE Operation team: